Sunday, September 27, 2015

Publication Alert: WGT, "The Guilt Factor"

Dear Reader,

I'm happy to say that yet another post from the blog is featured on Writers Get Together this weekend. I can't get enough of the kindness and outreach this site provides for small bloggers like myself. Please check out not only my post, but all the great resources from fellow writers they have available!

You can read my article here.
About the work:
I think the title and subject matter pretty much speak for themselves: the piece is a look at how guilt often enters the writing process, and how I'm learning to cope with it. In grad school, I'm still coping with it. Only last weekend I was having a guilt-induced meltdown while writing a story for 20+ hours. I will add, however, that the relaxed atmosphere of my workshop class is gradually teaching me to calm down a little. A supportive workshop is the one place where it's okay to make mistakes in your writing, because everyone is only there to help.

Maybe there will be less crying sessions this semester. Yeah, that'd be good.

Oh, one other piece of exciting news: my contributor copies of The 3288 Review just came in, and with it my very first paycheck as a writer. WHAT AN AMAZING FEELING! The journal is stunningly beautiful, by the way, so do consider purchasing a copy.

Grace and peace to you.

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