Monday, February 16, 2015

Publication Alert: "When Truth Hurts"

Dear Reader,

You saw it here first, and now it's featured on a national blog!

I am thrilled to announce that one of my AntDes posts (yep, I just shortened that) is now showcased as an article on Writer's Get Together. You can check it out here.

WGT is a website that features blog posts and articles submitted by writers all across the country (even the globe, I think), serving as a networking base for writers to discover each other as well as to market their work. I loved working with them. The editors were extremely kind and encouraging, something I don't always encounter in the publication world. It makes an enormous impression when editors make that extra step to connect with their submitters on a personal level (even in rejection letters). What an amazing feeling it is to have a stranger across the internet to show genuine interest and excitement about my writing. I can't wait to submit to them again!
About the work: Of all the posts on AntDes, this is among those few of which I'm most proud. Written in the form of a letter to author Franz Kafka, it bemoans the inner dilemma of a writer who is attracted to the drama of reality, yet sensitive to the idea of hurting one's nonfictional subjects. The inspiration came from an encounter with classmate I had in a Writing Poetry course. I can picture her so clearly -- lovely young woman, with pink-streaked hair (or was it purple then?) and tattoos poking out from under her sleeves. Marvelous writer, too. In conversation she mentioned how her writing was influenced by a quote from Kafka, which she had tattooed on her shoulder: "Follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly." I admired both her and Kafka's boldness for exploring the ugly sides of people in their lives. But for a coward like myself, it made me wonder -- what are the risks?

The gears in my head turned, and the rest is history. Grace and peace to you.

P.S., maybe I won't stick with that title nickname. It looks a hell of a lot like I'm saying "Aunt Des" in a hillbilly dialect.

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