Friday, January 9, 2015

Publication Alert: "Glutton"

Dear Reader,

I am happy to announce that my poem "Glutton" was recently published in Issue 4 of Zoomoozophone Review, an online literary magazine for contemporary poetry.

I was thrilled -- and rather shocked -- to get this little poem published. After seeing a call for submissions from this bizarrely named journal I'd never heard of, I shrugged and said "Why not?", and submitted some poems on a whim. Within a few hours, I had an e-mail response informing me that they had accepted one of my poems for their next issue. Who knew!

Moral of the story: submit madly, especially when the call of submission says "WE NEED MORE POEMS" in caps.

You can read my poem on page 10 (second poem in) here.

Grace and peace and happy reading to you!

P.S. In future publication alerts, I thought it might be interesting to include some background on the work, but I was afraid to try it here because I didn't want to bore you all. (Plus, there are more grad apps approaching . . . ) Please inform me in the comments below: is an explanation and background information on my published pieces something you'd want to read, or should I let you take my work as it is? Many thanks!


A preview of the above-mentioned poem is now available below (image may be clearer on Web Version):

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  1. Congrats on the publication! It's a sweet little lyric with playful language. I'm not surprised they liked it! Go YOU!