Thursday, November 20, 2014

Flash Poetry

More Lazywriting under the Guise of Metawriting

Reader, finals are kicking my senioritis-infected-but-still-a-perfectionist-bitch tush at the moment, so I'll keep it brief.

As I was reflecting on my last post regarding freewrite (written in freewritten form), I thought it might be helpful to try a few more let-loose writing techniques that allow me to release a creative flow without the burden of polish. Oh trust me, it hurts -- it hurts a lot. We all know how much I shudder at the thought of producing anything that isn't my best. But I'm gradually trying to embrace the idea that, for creative output to be the constant habit that I want it to be, it can't possibly all be perfect -- it will slow me down, and make me go insane. So -- at your expense, reader -- here's another attempt to write without polish, one big chaotic mess of words:


make me   your hideous diary   your cave of secret despair
the bright little jar to hold your joys   i will encompass you
contain your mind-movements   and unspoken pinings
i know i lack           the arms or mouth
to give back to you        some kind of
velvet comfort, a warm scarf of words
but the least i can do is
be the outside place
to keep your hurts
and smiles away
i will gladly hold them:
to me they are flowers

(Hey, that actually wasn't so bad.)

Grace and peace to you.

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